Monday, October 11, 2010

Let's Talk About US!... We're new here. :]

THE (soon to be) PATTERSONS: 
Meet Marcus Patterson: 6'2", green eyes, gorgeous, muscular, funny, big truck.

Meet Lucy Patterson: 70 lbs, 7 months old, big brown eyes, our great dane.

annnnd meet Audrianna Wright (me): So lucky to have the first two. 

Me and Marcus started officially dating on October 7th, 2008.
One year anniversary, Same place...

We have had a lot of fun since then blah, blah, blah... (the good stuff ----->) WE GOT ENGAGED!! October 7th, 2010 on our 2 year anniversary. <3

The story: We were at the same restaurant where we had become official 2 years prior. Sushi was eaten, sake bombs had been had... then BAM, the waiter brings out a spicy tuna roll, my favorite! but I didn't order it.. As soon as I turned to tell the waiter that it wasn't mine, he was gone. AND I NOTICED THE RING (not IN the sushi, gross! But it was in the middle of the plate surrounded by the sushi). Hellloooooooooo bling bling! I started saying things like "no way!" "oh my god!" and then Marcus, BAM, on one knee. I HAD NOOOOO IDEA! Marcus said a lot of great and cute things, I said no and we both moved on with our lives. Juuuuuuuuuust kidding. I said of course or hell yes or something along the lines of DUH. It was perfect. Not what I had pictured, but what I had pictured would have been obvious and I would not have been surprised. This way I was surprised and I wouldn't trade those emotions for anything. I am glad we got to share that moment with some great friends too. :)

We are thinking about getting married some time in late May or early June. :) Thank you for all the support and congratulations on our new engagement. My favorite line that has been said about 50 times is "It's about time." It reminded me of those lawyer commercials. Lol.